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It can be very confusing to distinguish seborrheic keratosis with other skin infections like skin tags and melanoma. During the early stages of both skin conditions they usually have typically the same characteristics which include color and growth forms. Never hesitate to seek medical attention whenever you have any bumps or lesions on your skin that raise concern. You can also visit where you can find relevant pictures of some of the characteristics of seborrheic keratosis.

Seborrheic keratosis is associated with heredity and the skins exposure to the solar radiations. Seborrheic keratosis as a result of heredity only occurs in rare conditions therefore the effect of the sun remains to be the dominant cause of keratosis. The characteristic of the lesions vary from the skin of and individual to another therefore having a look at the images displayed at will help you have a clear picture of the different appearance of the skin condition. If you are not sure of the lesions on your skin try to match them with the images you view on the site plus make sure you do a research on some of the characteristics of the skin condition. If they are similar to what you have then it may be the time you start thinking of how to cure keratosis.

Seborrheic keratosis is common in older individuals. They have a variety of clinical appearances however the common appearance is that of a tumor. Some can be rough, smooth or warty. As viewed in the images at they develop proliferation at the epidermal cells due to unlimited growth of keratin. There is no etiological factor that has been established to be the main cause of the infection however exposure to the sun has proved to be the cause.

From the link provided one is able to view different images of the skin condition at different stages of growth. The pictures will enable the viewer know the various aspects of seborrheic keratosis. It will also help the viewer know the different types of seborrheic keratosis and there characteristics. For example if the lesions on your skin have a warty surface then you will easily be able to know the type of keratosis you have since the images of keratosis in are labeled appropriately. In conclusion the pictures are the to help the viewer know more about the skin condition and have a practical knowledge about the skin condition.


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