Types and Symptoms of Pilaris Keratosis

Keratosis pilaris is often times referred to as a genetic follicular skin disorder, it is characterized by some rough bumps and it appears mostly at the upper forearms as well as the back. The thigh ,hands, legs , flanks and buttocks are not also spared from the infection. It does not normally appear on the soles of feet and palms, likewise, it appears less on the face{ the ones that appear on the face are often confused for acne}.

It is believed that Keratosis Pilaris affect 40% of adults and up to 80% of adolescents. There are different forms of Pilaris Keratosis, these include; keratosis Pilaris rubra, Keratosis Pilaris alba,  and Keratosis Pilaris rubra faceii. Pilaris Keratosis  rubra, is the commonest type of Keratosis Pilaris today. It is characterized by red and inflamed bumps, which often appear at the head, legs, and arms. Keratosis Pilaris alba is characterized by rough and bumpy skin which does not come with any form of irritation. Keratosis Pilaris rubra faceii, is characterized by reddish coloured rashes on the skin, they do come with some form of irritation.

It is ideal to go for proper diagnosis to ascertain the kind of Pilaris Keratosis you are facing, it will also be ideal to go for proper diagnosis to ascertain whether you are suffering from pilaris keratosis or acne infection.

Keratosis is an infection that occur on the skin especially when the body produces excess keratin – natural form of protein produced in the body. The excess Keratin produced entrap hair follicle in the skin pore and this result in the formation of some hard plugs which is referred to as Hyper-keratosis. The proliferation problem often appear as goose pimples and the colour and texture of the growths become much pronounced as the keratonic infection grows and spread.

One of the symptoms that is noticed especially during clinical analysis of Keratosis pilaris is the presence of ingrown hair which have coily appearance. Bumps may also appear on the thighs and buttocks. You need to confirm of they are actually keratosis pilaris infection and not some other infections. If the individual bumps are small  and there are skin coloured papules which form within  the follicles and the condition gets worse especially in the winter, then you might probably be suffering from Pilaris Keratosis.

Formation of some slight pinkness around the small keratosis bumps also indicates that you are suffering from keratosis pilaris.

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