Surgical Removal Of Seborrheic Keratosis

Seborrheic keratosis is a rather common skin condition. It is associated with the accumulation of keratin on the skin. Once keratin accumulates on the skin, it will lead to the development of a warts-like growth. Those who have less melanin on their skin tend to be more susceptible to the development of seborrheic keratosis. It is also possible to get the skin condition when your skin is exposed to the sun. The UV ray from the sun has a way of leading to this skin condition. The skin condition can therefore come up on areas of the body that are exposed to the sun; like the face, the neck, the arm and the feet.

Any possible problem?

Seborrheic keratosis does not actually have any negative health impact. You may therefore decide to leave it on the skin without bothering about it. The skin condition can however make it difficult for you to put on jewelries. Aside this, it can also make your skin look rather ugly and unsightly. You may therefore decide to get rid of the skin condition for cosmetics reasons.

Surgical removal of seborrheic keratosis

Seborrheic keratosis can be treated by different methods. The choice of treatment largely depends on the severity of the skin condition. If the skin condition is mild, you may not need to undergo surgery to get it removed. Such mild occurrence of seborrheic keratosis can be easily removed using gels and creams that are specially designed to get rid of the skin condition.

In case of a more problematic case of the skin condition, you can think of getting rid of it through surgery.


Cryosurgery is a very simple surgical intervention that can be applied onto seborrheic keratosis. Cryosurgery can be performed in the hospital. It involves the simple application of very cold treatment therapy on the skin condition. This will help to get the seborrheic keratosis frozen. Frozen seborrheic keratosis can be easily removed from the skin without forming any scar.

Laser surgery

It is also possible to get rid of seborrheic keratosis using laser surgery. Laser is very effective against many skin conditions. It can help to get rid of the seborrheic keratosis without leaving any spot on the skin. It will help to burn out this seborrheic keratosis and you can be sure of rapid healing afterwards. This treatment method can however be considerably expensive. You may want to check your purse before you attempt to go for it.


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