Should I Worry About Seborrheic Keratosis?

Seborrheic keratosis is a skin condition that some people get as they age although you really don’t have to be old to get seborrheic keratosis as it could also be hereditary and teens might get it too. Many people deal with this skin condition nowadays and anyone with it will have an overgrowth of keratin in some parts of their bodies. Keratin is insoluble, tough and also very fibrous and is the outer main part of the nonsensitive covering of the true skin or corium.

Anyone who has gone to a doctor and has had the doctor identify Seborrheic keratosis as the skin condition they are suffering from need not be too uneasy or anxious about this problem because there are many things that can be done these days to get over such a problem or condition. A visit to the doctor would be most appropriate as a first step. When the doctor has analyzed and determined your condition they will probably prescribe some medication that will help you to quickly overcome the problem.

Most people who have to cope with such a condition are usually more anxious about what other may think than about the condition itself and coping with a situation where seborrheic keratosis exists may cause many sleepless nights and many especially women or girls will begin to think they are unattractive and even start acting life they are actually unattractive. Physiologically this condition can be devastating because ladies are bound to be sensitive about their looks. Consulting with a psychologist should be a good thing because a talk with one will help you regain calmness and composure and this will give you a better feeling instead of loosing your mind.

Seborrheic keratosis is neither painful nor irritating and although esthetically you will have a bad feeling psychologically, physically there will be no hurt and although it might look bad, can you imagine if it could have been worse if it was painful?  It does look bad but it will never hurt you and this is one fact that you will never have to worry about.

So should you worry about seborrheic keratosis? You need not worry about the condition. What worries is that fact that it might affect you psychologically and that depends on individuals. But the condition should never be something to worry you because you can overcome it. As treatments, you can try laser treatments, Electrocautery and curettage and these two will work if mixed.

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