Senile Warts – Seborrheic Keratosis

When seborrheic keratosis (also known as senile warts) appears on the skin, the first thing that one will tend to do it to try and scratch it off. This is not something that skin specialists recommend one to do.  It beats common sense when one tries to remove something that simply is not painful from their body and not be alarmed by that fact. Any skin growth is part of the skin so addressing is removal should be taken as a medical measure even if it is seborrheic keratosis.  In fact seborrheic keratosis or Seborrheic wart as it is also referred to, is not to be taken lightly when been removed. The doctors say that if seborrheic keratosis is not properly addressed during its removal, the results would be unpleasant skin scaring or development of skin cancers which is a rather rare condition though not uncommon.

Seborrheic keratosis can grow on various parts of the skin on the body. In most cases the parts of the body that have had a longer exposure to the sun tend to have this growth.  The effects of the UV rays on the skin are arguably the biggest element that plays the leading role the growth of seborrheic keratosis. This growth will thus be seen growing on the face; the forehead, on the edges of the eyelids, the edges of the mouth, the chicks and even on the neck and the ears.  The growth of seborrheic keratosis will be seen also on the arms and legs and in other instances on the back though this areas get less exposure to the sun.  Seborrheic keratosis growth especially on the back will usually be related to other factor causes other than that of the sun. This will border between nutritional practices and or hereditary condition.

Seborrheic keratosis skin condition is not that a hard thing to deal with though it is not to be underrated neither. Handled well, it will be kept in check but if mishandles it may lead to other problems. There are two ways of handling a seborrheic keratosis condition. These are the modern medical way and the conventional natural remedies approach. Each method has its strong traits that give it a huge appeal to choice for anyone seeking seborrheic keratosis removal.  The modern method will usually take a faster tactic of dealing with the skin condition, employing the use of chemicals, creams and laser light technology. The natural approach will get rid of the seborrheic keratosis condition using elements of common foods; which is a cheaper way of addressing the skin condition. The common factor in both methods is that they will result to the seborrheic keratosis been cut off from the skin with out much pain on an individual.

Seborrheic keratosis

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