Senile Keratosis

Senile keratosis is a skin condition that is very sensitive to the ultraviolet light. This superficial skin tumor is not only painless but also noncancerous. The growth in not in any way precancerous no matter how dangerous it looks and can be left alone unless the patient gets disturbed by its appearance or constant irritation. In fact you would rarely find a dermatologist restricting you from carrying out any specific activity provided that you avoid injuries or bruises to the affected areas. Senile keratosis is quite common in fair-skinned or elderly individuals and could easily be aggravated if the sufferer exposes his/her skin to the sun’s UV light for a considerable amount of time. Therefore the individual is advised to minimize such exposure using sunscreen agents or protective clothing from direct sunlight.

The individual is also advised to avoid drugs such as tetracycline because they increase the sensitivity of the skin to the sunlight leaving it vulnerable to Senile keratosis. It usually manifest itself as slightly raised brown or pink lesions that later become dark or black rough and scaly surfaces. Senile keratosis can be removed using biopsy, electrical cautery or cryotherapy depending on the kind of treatment you prefer. There are other seb keratosis removal agents that promote painless and safe peeling and are highly recommended unless your dermatologist advises you otherwise.

Some patients have success stories of Seborrheic keratosis treatment using alpha hydroxyl as well as ammonium lactate. They claim that these senile warts removers can readily reduce the skin lesions by a huge percentage on condition that proper prescriptions are strictly followed. The user should also be consistent in their use until the senile growth gradually melts away. You can also apply pure trichloroacetic acid if you can access it. Use it daily until the thickness of Senile keratosis becomes invisible. Another seborrheic treatment option that works perfectly well is the use of tazarotene cream 0.1%. Apply the cream twice per day for a period not lasting less than 16 weeks and enjoy the positive results of this lumps treatment agent.

The keratotic bump can as well be removed with the assistance of a sharp surgical tool popularly referred to as a curette. The Seb keratosis is carefully removed and smoothed in order to reduce chances of scarring or causing any discomfort when the treated area touches your cloth. It can also be used together with liquid nitrogen treatment.


Seborrheic keratosis

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