Self Removal Of Seborrheic Keratosis

There is no secret to seborrheic keratosis these days. It has become so popular; considering the fact that many individuals have it.  It had been claimed that up to 50% of the world population is having it. This is to say that many of the individual you meet everyday will have the skin condition. It is also possible that you too are having it. You can as well take solace in the fact that you are not the only one that is having the skin condition.  Several treatment methods are available for the safe removal of the skin condition.  You can always depend on any of the treatment methods to get rid of the skin condition.

 Various removal methods

It is possible to get the seborrheic keratosis removed through surgery. You only need to pay a visit to the hospital where simple surgical procedures will help to get the thing removed. This method is however considerably expensive. Your health insurance does not cover for the surgery in the least. You are expected to pay for it yourself. If you are not able to bear the money for surgical removal of seborrheic keratosis, you can always get the thing removed by yourself at home.

Liquid nitrogen

You can walk into any of the drug stores around to purchase liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen can be very helpful for the removal of the skin condition. This can be simply applied on the seborrheic keratosis to get it frozen. The blood vessel conveying blood and nutrient to the skin condition will be frozen by the liquid nitrogen. The blood and nutrient in the tiny vessels will also be frozen. This will automatically cut the blood and nutrient supply to the seborrheic keratosis, which will die off automatically. You will only have to apply this treatment method for a number of days before you will start noticing positive results. You should apply the treatment method up to twice in a day for faster result.

Glycolic acid

In case you are unable to get liquid nitrogen to buy, you should not have any problem in getting glycolic acid. The glycolic acid too can be applied on the skin condition to get rid of it from your skin. The glycolic acid needs to be diluted to about 12% concentration before you can ever use it. Any higher concentration can cause burning effect on your skin. Daily application of the glycolic acid will help with the skin condition.


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