Seborrhoeic Warts

Most readers have problems distinguishing the symptoms of various keratoses and think that Seborrhoeic Warts are totally different from seborrhoeic keratosis. It must be pointed out that seborrhoeic keratoses are also referred to as seborrheic warts. They also used to be called senile wart. Nevertheless, this reference was abandoned on the pretext that it appeared both derogatory and demeaning. There was realization that its continued use would cause people not to accept it as a skin condition that could affect anyone and that it does not in any way diminish that individual. The affected persons would not talk openly about it because it seemed like it was a ‘curse of the skin’. There was a strong feeling that if the phrase ‘senile warts’ was to remain as a reference, it would completely thwart every positive campaign about seborrhoeic keratosis. People needed to know that this is a very harmless skin condition that can be treated using either home remedies or over the counter removers.

Though seborrhoeic keratosis blemishes make the skin look unattractive, they are noncancerous and harmless provided that the patient tries his/her level best to prevent over exposure to the sun or skin diseases such as dermatitis. Bleeding at the affected area, portents dangerous skin complications. It should therefore be prevented with vehemence if you are suffering from seborrhoeic keratosis. This condition is prevalent among people who are 40 years and above but this does not mean that those below 40 years are safe. Since it sometimes runs in families, it can affect younger people as well. An individual that has had excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays so much that he/she has developed black spots, risks getting seborrhoeic keratosis.

One of the most distinguishing signs of seborrhoeic keratosis is that it can occur in almost every part the body’s skin except perhaps palms and soles. In addition, they are always benign and neither spreads nor causes skin cancer. In short, seborrhoeic keratosis is not a preexisting condition for skin cancer. So if you are sure that you are suffering from seb keratosis, you can rest assured that your skin is safe and that the blemishes are treatable. The other very vital thing to remember is that just because they are called ‘seborrheic warts’ does not mean that they arise from the wart virus. Seborrhoeic keratoses derived this name from their warty appearance on the skin surface.

Seborrheic keratosis

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