Seborrhoeic Keratosis Treatment

Seborrhoeic keratosis can be very painful. It is only those who have it that understand what is being referred to here. It can also be very unsightly. It has a way of making the skin look so ugly and anyone who has it rarely think of nothing else other than how to treat it and get it over and done with. In case you are having this skin problem and you wish to do away with it, this simple write up will guide you on how to go about treating your Seborrhoeic keratosis.

Surgical care

Over time, several surgical procedures had been developed for the treatment of Seborrhoeic keratosis. In case you are having it, you may have to make do with surgery in order to get it treated. Some of the surgical procedures that are normally used for its treatment include the use of laser and cryotherapy. The duo had been discovered to be able to get rid of the Seborrhoeic keratosis within a rather short period of time. It is necessary for you to be considerably patient when you are applying this method; considering the fact that it does not work over night. It may actually require a consistent application for a number of weeks before you can ever hope to get things under control.

Topical cream

It is also possible to get rid of your Seborrhoeic keratosis with the aid of topical creams. Some topical creams had been made to ensure a final removal of the skin problem. You can buy them over the counter and you are sure of getting permanent solution to this problem of Seborrhoeic keratosis. Different types of topical creams contain different chemicals. One of the common chemical compounds used in them include tazarotene. This chemical substance had been discovered to be able to heal you of the skin problem within a period of weeks.

Ammonium lactate and alpha hydroxyl acid

The duo works together to help you get rid of the Seborrhoeic keratosis. They work by reducing the size and the height of the skin lesion.  Aside the two substances mentioned above, you can also get rid of the skin problem with the aid of trichloroacetic acid. You only need to apply it consistently to the surface and you can be sure of getting positive result within a short period of time. You need to be patient while you are employing any of the methods above for treating your Seborrhoeic keratosis.

Seborrheic keratosis

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