Seborrheic Wart Treatment

Anyone can have seborrheic wart. At the earliest stage of the skin condition, it may be somewhat difficult for you to even realize that you are having it. Many of the guys out there with the skin condition do not even have any of the symptoms that are usually associated with it.  It is just about one-third of the individuals that are exposed to this skin condition that are showing any sign of infection. In case you have detected seborrheic wart on you or you discovered that your kids are having it and you are already thinking of getting rid of it, this simple write up will enlighten you on how to get free from this skin condition.

Try Salicylic acid

You may have to apply salicylic acid on the seborrheic wart for several weeks or even months before you can ever hope to get any positive result. This means that you need to be patient when you are making use of this method for the removal of the skin condition. You can easily buy the salicylic acid at any of the drug stores around and you only need to apply it to the seborrheic wart. Before you apply the salicylic acid on the skin condition, ensure that you rub the skin condition with emery board. This will quicken the rate of its action

Apply duct tape

Duct tape can perform the same function like salicylic acid on the seborrheic wart.  In case you can’t lay your hands on the salicylic acid, you can always go for duct tape. You only need to wrap the duct tape around the skin condition after rubbing with emery board. You need to change the duct tape every day and put on fresh one till the seborrheic wart leave the skin. This method is however not fancied by many individuals because of its crooked nature. But this does not stop its reliability.

Garlic too can help

Apply garlic onto seborrheic wart every night before you sleep and you can be sure of complete healing from the skin condition. Make sure that the garlic covers every inch of it. After this, cover the skin condition with a bandage. You should get positive result after applying this treatment method for some months. Application of garlic on the skin condition can make you feel some pain. But the pain will not last for long. Consistent application is needed for complete cure.



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