Seborrheic Wart Removal

Most people who have the skin condition Seborrheic keratosis will develop elevated crusty spots on the skin. These are about 2 – 5 mm in diameter and appear as hard granular crusts. They are called Seborrheic warts. They may remain painless but sometimes they may cause severe irritation on the skin. Moreover they cause psychological trauma to the person bearing them and loss of confidence.

Though Seborrheic wart removal is not always urgent but many people prefer to have it done to regain their natural beauty of the skin. There are many Seborrheic wart removal methods and the person ought to decide on which is the most preferable and affordable method to them.

Seborrheic wart removal can be done through cyrotherapy. This involves completely freezing the warts using extreme cold such as ice cubes. This causes the warts to freeze off and later fall off by themselves. It is the most preferred Seborrheic wart removal method since it is always effective and relatively cheap since it can be done at home.

Closely related to Seborrheic wart removal by cyrotherapy is cryosurgery. Liquid nitrogen is applied on the warts. It kills the cells which cause the warts, freezing them and they are later shed off. The advantage of this method is that it leaves the underlying skin unaffected. Moreover it stimulates growth of new skin to replace the worn out skin where the warts were.

Another effective method for Seborrheic wart removal is curettage. Here a doctor carefully cuts off the warts from the skin. Caution is taken not to penetrate too deep which might damage the underlying skin and cause bleeding from some vessels. The reason this method is not very effective is that the warts tend to regenerate after some time if curettage is used only. This prompts the patient to undergo several procedures which might be costly.

Laser treatment is another Seborrheic wart removal method. A very strong laser is shone on the warts which cause the cells to die, disintegrate and fall off. It is very powerful and may vaporize the wart entirely leaving no traces whatsoever.

When one notices any warts on the skin it is best to have them removed at their early stages when they are not many and they have not thickened. The most effective cheap method should be used since most medical insurance covers do not cater for Seborrheic wart removal if it is purposely done for beauty purposes alone.


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