Seborrheic Keratosis – Will The Sun Make Them Bigger?

Seborrheic keratosis is a brown or black scaly barnacle that accumulates usually on the face, chest or back as time goes on. They are mostly common among people of age. They look similar to moles and warts but can be differentiated from other skin growths due to their wax-like appearance. Research shows that seborrhoeic keratosis occur at least once in a life time so there is no way to keep them from occurring. They appear as a growth and ultimately fall off. But in cases where they remain, they can be removed by medical procedures and some specialist home remedies for seborrheic keratosis.

Seborrheic keratosis can occur as a result of extreme exposure to the sun. However areas of the body that are not exposed are also prone to these skin growths. So as to whether these skin growths occur as a result of direct exposure to sun rays is less significant. All the same, one can take into consideration some ways of treating sun damaged skin.

–      There are different kinds of creams, lotions and gels available at the markets that may be good for treating seborrheic keratosis developed as a result of skin exposure to the sun once they contain good ingredients for repairing sun damaged skin. Ensure that you make the right choice of cream, one that contains ingredients like:

  • AVOCADO OIL-This is rich in sterolins that can erase age spots, discoloration and other marks that appear as a result of extreme exposure. It also contains vitamins A and D.
  • GRAPE SEED OIL- It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals as well as enriched in polyphenols that are excellent antioxidants. Grape seed oil helps keep and maintain healthy cell membranes of the skin. It works perfectly well when combined with vitamins C. this helps to remove or eliminate skin damage and repair the skin by proving essential nutrients.
  • PHYTESSENCE WAKAME- One can eat this or mix it with some skin care products. It is meant to fight enzymes that provide harm to the skin.

If the search of these ingredients seems too tedious, the best advice is to wear sun screen before leaving your home. Just buy a skin moisturizer with SPF of 15 or higher. Apply this lotion to the face and body after getting out of the shower in the morning to prevent the occurrence of skin growths like seborrheic keratosis.

Since the exposure of the skin to the sun is a less significant factor in the development of seborrheic keratosis, one cannot make a distinct conclusion that exposure to sun rays will cause this benign skin growth to become bigger.

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