Seborrheic Keratosis – Will It Disappear By Itself?

Seborrheic keratosis as we all know is a non-cancerous skin growth that looks like wart, moles, skin tags  or skin cancer. They are in actual fact nothing to worry about unless they don’t look attractive in areas of the skin where they can easily be seen.


Seborrheic keratosis is very common in middle age  and during pregnancy. They are rarely dangerous and are almost always benign. They can be removed through several ways. Some people may want to go through medically approved procedures like ablation, electrocautery and cryosurgery in order to remove them. While others may want to treat seborrheic keratosis in the comforts of their homes by taking a lot of vitamins and supplements, using hydrogen peroxide, glycolic acid, applying natural herbal creams and many more.


People normally consider the treatment of seborrheic keratosis when they do not like how it feels and looks. To be sincere, the sight of this skin growth on the face is nasty and could cause anyone to feel very unattractive. Others may want to treat seborrheic keratosis because it tends to interfere with some activities like swimming, intimacy in a relationship and even the wearing of clothing.


On the other hand, people may want to treat seborrheic keratosis because it causes irritation, cause pain and leads to bleeding. When such situation occurs, this skin growth  may turn out to be some form of cancer so a skin biopsy will have to be conducted to rule out that fact.


Due to the state and nature of seborrheic keratosis, treatment is not considered as necessary because it is non-cancerous and rarely dangerous. It can disappear even when it is not treated though it may take several days before this benign growth finally heals. It is painless and can easily scrape off without much difficulty as the growth is not deeply rooted to the skin.


Seborrheic keratosis usually does not return after it is removed, but there are some people who are prone to this condition and may likely develop more growths in the future. In rare cases, a person who develops more growth quickly, may have gastric cancer and seeking the advice of a dermatologist may be considered as best.


So long as seborrheic keratosis does not interfere with daily activities, it may be left to disappear on its own if its appearance does not seem to be much of a problem to a person.

Seborrheic keratosis

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