Seborrheic Keratosis Treatment

Seborrheic keratosis is not an infection that should cause panic, there is treatment out there. Before taking any measures ensure that you are well aware of the infection you are having. Seborrheic keratosis is similar to other skin infection like warts and should not be confused. A dermatologist is the best person that can perform tests on your skin and tell if you really have seborrheic keratosis or other skin infection. You can search on the web for the various signs and symptoms of seborrhea compare the signs with your condition to see if they are similar and have a doctor clarify it for you.

Before treating seborrheic keratosis you should fast understand the case of the infection, this will guide you on preventing further infection on your skin. Wear protective clothing that covers the whole of your skin from direct insolation from the sun. When the sun is too hot have an umbrella to cover you from the insolation. Also during cold conditions cover the wounds since cold worsens the infection on the skin.

You should ensure proper hygiene while treating seborrhea keratosis. Regular cleaning of the wound and the area around the wounds removes oil and dirt from the affected areas; this improves the condition of the infection. General cleanliness is mandatory not only during the treatment of seborrhea keratosis but also as a prevention method. A person with seborrheic keratosis should also consider proper dietary needs, foods that have a negative effect on the infection should be avoided at all cost. Cut off taking foods with high sugar level and a lot of fat that is if you really want to cue the infection. Anyone having seborrhea should not be allowed to take alcohol and drugs this is because they worsen the condition of the infection. Stress is also not encouraged as it is one of the causes that worsens the infection

There are various options of medication you can choose to treat the infection, you can choose to use creams that are available in the market but ensure it is under the directive of the dermatologist. Don’t prescribe medication for yourself or allow unqualified persons to prescribe for you. Applying the cream on a clean wound following the prescription described will help the wound heal fast. If the wound doesn’t heal after using the creams as prescribed seek the doctor’s attention, doctors recommend surgery on the infected parts if the infection worsens.


Seborrheic keratosis

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