Seborrheic Keratosis Treatment With Hydrogen Peroxide

Several methods are available for the safe removal of seborrheic keratosis from any part of your body. If you search the internet today, you will discover so many ways to get rid of the skin condition.  Since the skin condition had been detected, several researches had been performed in search of a way to get rid of it.  Several methods had been developed over time. If you want to get rid of the seborrheic keratosis on any part of your body, you can always get this done by simply making use of any of the several treatment methods available out there. This write up will look into how to treat the skin condition using hydrogen peroxide.

The hydrogen peroxide treatment method

Hydrogen peroxide is a rather toxic substance. It can have an acidic effect on the seborrheic keratosis and get it removed from the skin. The burning effect of the hydrogen peroxide on the skin condition is enough to get he later burnt and removed form your skin.

Mode of action

Hydrogen peroxide helps to shrink the blood and nutrient supply to the skin condition. Each seborrheic keratosis on your skin is nourished by the supply to your skin. Hydrogen peroxide shrinks the blood vessels that convey the blood and nutrient to the skin condition. Once the vessels are shrunk, they will not be able to convey nutrient supply to the skin condition again. The seborrheic keratosis will shrink in response and it will die off with time.

This method does not work like magic. It actually requires some measure of work on your part. You are expected to consistently apply the hydrogen peroxide on the skin condition before you can expect any solution. You should carry out the application for up to twice in a day for faster result.  When you begin to notice positive response, you can reduce the frequency to just once in a day. After applying the hydrogen peroxide, you should cover the skin condition up with duct tape. After some days of consistent application, you should be able to get a positive result from the treatment.


Before you attempt to apply the hydrogen peroxide on the skin condition, you should get it appropriately diluted. Undiluted hydrogen peroxide can get your skin burnt and cause very uncomfortable pain. 25% dilution is enough to get the job done. This is one of the most reliable methods to get this skin condition treated.



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