Seborrheic Keratosis Treatment At Home

Seborrheic keratosis is considerably common today. Many individuals are having it. It had been discovered to affect Caucasians more than blacks. The fact that the skin condition can affect both male and female is contributing to its popularity. It had also been found to be possible in both the old and the young. But generally, it had been discovered that women are more susceptible to this skin situation.  Another thing worthy of note about this skin condition is that it can be seen on several parts of the body including the feet. It is not contagious; neither is it painful, but treatment must be sought for it on time. If not, things may get out of hands. This write up will open your eyes to very simple and effective ways to get rid of the skin condition right at home.


Try topical cream

Several methods had been developed for removing seborrheic keratosis from your skin. One of them involves the use of some specially designed topical treatment methods.   It does not require that you take anything orally and it is also very effective against the seborrheic keratosis.  One of such topical methods that can be used for treating this skin condition includes hypericin. This is especially designed treatment method. It contains dye that is photoactive. Because of this, it is able to help you with the skin condition and you can be sure of total healing under few days of applying the topical treatment to your seborrheic keratosis. You can also carry out the treatment at home.

The treatment method described above is generally referred to as photodynamic therapy. It had proved itself to be very helpful in treating seborrheic keratosis.  You will never have to bother about the skin condition again after applying this treatment method for some days. Since the skin condition is caused by excessive exposure to the ultraviolet ray of the sun, this treatment method seems to be the right thing to use in combating seborrheic keratosis on your skin right at home.

In place of the photodynamic therapy described above, it is also possible to get the skin condition treated by using hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide can be so helpful to dry up this skin condition and before you know what is happening, you would have been free from it. You need to mix the hydrogen peroxide to 5% concentration and apply it directly on the surface of the skin condition to get it removed.



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