Seborrheic Keratosis| Things To Avoid

A type of keratosis which have a pasted on and waxy appearance is called seborrheic keratosis. This is sometimes related with aging. But age is not the only factor for having seborrheic keratosis. Heredity is another factor to be looked into considered this.   Keratinocytes are the origin of these growths. Since it is noncancerous, it is nothing to be too troubled about. The only thing about this condition is that it can cause someone to feel unattractive. They can also be mistaken as warts, but it should not be because seborrheic keratosis have no viral origin.

It persists on sun exposed parts of the skin such as the neck, arms and legs so it is perceived that the sun could be a factor on having seborrheic keratosis. It has this pasted on appearance, and can become a cause of losing self confidence especially if it grows on parts of the face.

You can just ignore it since it does not do you any harm. What you should avoid is picking, scratching or abrading it. That could lead to infection. Also use mild detergents in washing your clothes so your skin would not be irritated, especially the areas affected by seborrheic keratosis.

You need to consult a doctor first before going through any treatments to remove this. There are many choices and it’s up to you to choose.


•    Seborrheic keratosis can be efficiently removed with laser treatments.  With this treatment, the affected cells are removed perfectly and precisely.

•    Electrocautery is also applied to seborrheic keratosis. This process involves burning of affected skin cells with electricity.

•    Curettage employs using a curette, which will scrape off keratosis. Curettage can’t be effective if not combined with electrocautery.

•    Liquid nitrogen is used in a process called cryotherapy.

After these procedures, you have to take care of your skin.