Seborrheic Keratosis| Things To Avoid

Seborrheic keratosis is a type which closely resembles actinic, only this time, it has waxy or greasy characteristics. This commonly appears when someone is old, and they also look like warts. But age is not the only factor for obtaining seborrheic keratoses. Heredity also plays a part in having it  Keratinocytes are the cause of these growths. Since it is noncancerous, it is nothing to be too worried about. The only thing about this condition is that it can cause someone to feel unattractive. They can also be mistaken as warts, but it should not be because seborrheic keratosis have no viral beginning.

It persists on sun exposed parts of the skin such as the neck, arms and legs so it is perceived that the sun could be a factor on having seborrheic keratosis. Losing your coolness is probable if it appears on obvious parts of the skin.

This condition causes no ache or irritation so it is okay if you don’t do anything about it. However you should not try to get rid of it yourself. An infection can occur if you do so.  Also use mild detergents in washing your clothes so your skin would not be irritated, especially the areas affected by seborrheic keratosis.

Getting rid of this requires a doctor’s guidance. There are many choices and it’s up to you to choose.


•    When it comes to SK removal, you can bet that laser treatments are very effective.   The laser beams destroys the abnormal cell growths with impressive precision and accuracy.

•    Oftentimes, electrocautery comes with curettage in SK removal. Electric charges burn off affected areas.

•    Using a curette in removing SK is called curettage. Curettage can’t be efficient if not combined with electrocautery.

•    Extremely low temperature is used in cryotherapy to freeze off the affected areas.

It is advised to maintain your healthy skin.

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