Seborrheic Keratosis & Skin Cancer: What Are The Differences & Similarities?

Seborrheic keratosis develops only at the epidermal cells of the skin , however skin cancer is malignant and not benign like seborrhoeic keratosis and it grows in the epidermal layer of the skin. The similarities and differences between seborrheic keratosis and skin cancer can be compared on several grounds and such include; appearances, diagnosis, causes, treatments, and prevention methods.

One of the most prominent ways you can differentiate between seborrheic keratosis and skin cancer is the fact that seborrheic keratosis are scaly to touch and they often appear as round or oval shape. Seborrheic keratosis may resemble warts in their appearances, however they are not warts. Skin cancer on the other hand often appear as sores that will not heal.

Causes can also be used in differentiating the differences between seborrheic keratosis and skin cancer. While the causes of seborrheic keratosis has remain a misery {with exposure to sunlight and genetics being regarded as the main causes}, skin cancer on the other hand have potential causes which include; exposure to the damaging effects of UV rays of the sun, chronic non healing wounds on the skin, and allergic reactions which causes irreversible damages to the skin.

When it comes to diagnosis, skin biopsy remains the best possible ways of differentiating between skin cancer and seborrheic keratosis. Mere physical examination may not ascertain . Though seborrheic keratosis may disappear on its own without any treatment, however skin cancer will require some forms of management , some of the factors that will determine the kind of treatment or management for skin cancer include; the location of the cancerous growths, and the age of patients. Common treatments for skin cancers include; micrographic surgery, topical chemotherapy, and photodynamic therapy.

It is believed that both seborrheic keratosis and skin cancer can be prevented by avoiding exposure to extreme UV rays of the sun, however tobacco smoking as well as the use of harmful body care chemical agents can trigger skin cancer , hence such should be avoided as well.

Seborrheic keratosis can be easily managed through the use of some home base treatment therapies as well as staying out of the sun and wearing protective coverings, skin cancer on the other hand can become very hard to deal with. You need to see a dermatologist to actually check if you are suffering from skin cancer or just some usual skin disorders.

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