Seborrheic Keratosis Secrets

Seborrheic keratosis is often described as an out growth on the skin. You will need to discover some seborrheic keratosis secrets in order to fully understand them. The main thing to note is that they are non cancerous and hardly a threat to you health. Seborrhiec keratoses are mainly seen on the facial areas, the torso and groin. Old people tend to suffer from this condition more than the young ones. seborrheic keratosis exists in many forms but it important to remember that the symptoms are similar all through. Examining the causes of this condition shows that genes may play a part in acquiring them because people who have had cases in their family line have also ended up suffering from this condition. However, this is not an exhaustive explanation since some instances do arise in which the cause can not be pin pointed.

Another of the seborrheic keratosis secrets is that treatment is possible. Since they are not cancerous, it would be wise to think about whether you really need to remove them before going for treatment. Those who have opted to undergo treatment of seborrheic keratosis often do so for cosmetic reasons. Some may find them uncomfortable especially in circumstances where they rub against their clothing. You could also need to go for treatment if there an infection or excessive irritation. For those who are insured, you will have to note that insurance companies seldom offer cover such circumstances.

The methods used in treatment include;

  • Cryosurgery is one the ways used in which liquid nitrogen is applied onto them thereby freezing them off. This process is however suitable for small sized seborrheic keratosis.
  • The second kind of procedure is called curettage and entails physically scrapping off the outgrowth from the skin surface.
  • The other medical procedure used is electrocautery. It involves burning them off heat generated by electric currents but it may not be the best option since it may leave behind scarring if not carried out well.

The above methods are purely medical procedures should be carried out by specialized persons. There may also have side effects either immediately or in the future. You have now discovered some of the seborrheic keratosis secrets. But it is important for one to get a proper diagnosis before deciding to undergo the procedure. A dermatologist can be the best   source of advice. There are other methods available apart from the above. These may include the use of natural remedies and skin creams from a pharmacy.


Seborrheic keratosis

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