Seborrheic Keratosis Removal With Hydrogen Peroxide

Seborrheic keratosis can affect just about any part of the body but, through studies and a lot of research that has been carried out, a number of viable treatment methods have been discovered. Patients who have this skin disorder generally have growths that are pale, brown, or black in color. Dry and crusty looking, these growths can be treated through the use of home remedies such as coconut oil, herbal treatments and Aloe Vera. Another possible and valuable treatment method is through the use of hydrogen peroxide.


Because of the level of toxicity, hydrogen peroxide works to completely eradicate seborrheic keratosis. The acid in this substance sears the bump over a period of time until it is entirely destroyed. Even though it sounds insidious, it is actually a safe enough treatment procedure that can be carried out at home. The treatment acts on the area applied and therefore causes no harm to the unaffected surrounding skin. Basically, hydrogen peroxide is added to bath water and it reacts on the growth. Seborrheic keratosis subsists through the nutrients provided by the skin. The nutrients reach the protuberance via blood vessels. The introduction of hydrogen peroxide cuts down the “food supply” that enables the growth to exist. This occurs as a result of decrease in size of the blood vessels. With a limited “food supply” the growth slowly dies away until it eventually disappears.


For the hydrogen peroxide to work effectively, the treatment has to be constant. It takes some time before the growth is completely eradicated. There are certain things too that have to be done to ensure the remedy is successful. First off, begin by applying the treatment at least twice daily to get the process started. After a period of two weeks, you should realize some results. At this point, you can minimize the treatment to once a day, every day. In addition, after treating the growth with hydrogen peroxide, make a point to cover it up using duct tape. This keeps the medication contained and continually working on the growth.


As a safe reminder, hydrogen peroxide has to be used in proportionate measure to avoid any harm. If unsure about carrying out the treatment, consult a doctor to get the right amount necessary. This is a result based healing procedure that is certain to get rid of seborrheic keratosis but, it has to be followed dutifully until a positive outcome is visible.



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