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Although seborrheic keratosis may look dangerous, it does not mutate into skin cancer. The only challenge that victims of this skin condition have to cope with on daily basis until the lesions are treated or removed is that they are unsightly, rough and sometimes itchy. Seborrheic keratosis lesions manifest themselves in different shapes, sizes and colors. Most people do not know what this skin condition is and so it is very likely that if they see an individual with large black growths on the skin, they could easily mistake this condition for cancer or some other skin disease. The internet is full of seborrheic keratosis pictures that explicitly and clearly show the areas that are most commonly affected by this condition.


In case you do not know what seborrheic keratosis is, the pictures and videos are simply a click of the mouse away. These pictures show lesions of different shapes and sizes. When you check most seborrheic keratosis sites, you will not fail to find pictures of seborrheic keratoses on an individual’s neck, forehead, cheek, back, shoulder, face and many other places. Since these seborrheic keratoses are not caused directly by over exposure of the skin the sun, you need not be surprised when you bump into pictures of keratoses of almost every part of the body’s skin surface. Whereas viewing these pictures is useful as far as seborrheic keratoses are concerned, viewer discretion is highly recommended; most of the seborrheic keratosis could be disturbing.

Prior knowledge of seborrheic keratosis helps an individual not to neglect symptoms of seborrheic keratoses and other freckles on the body. This means that even if you are allergic to such pictures, you need summon courage and see how these lesions look like, their symptoms as well as treatment. You never know; that brief period of time that you take to observe these pictures could help you or your loved ones in future. Did you know that some people have abandoned themselves to self-pity and self-hate simply because they have seborrheic keratosis? As it is popularly said, ‘Knowledge is power’, you should use it to treat the lesions. However, you should not stop there; find more information about seborrheic keratosis and begin awareness campaigns in your local communities. Let people know that this condition can be prevented and treated provided the patient seeks the advice of a dermatologist early enough. Preach to people that seborrheic keratoses do not turn into skin cancer.

Seborrheic keratosis

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