Seborrheic Keratosis On The Face

Seborrheic keratosis on the face? Want to get rid of it? Here’s all you need to know…

Skin growths are the most irritating thing one can have on their faces. They are uncomfortable and nagging to some point because they limit your freedom. Regardless of whether they are painful or not, they are the night mare many dread to have. Especially the ladies who want to always feel young; it is a sure thing that they fell so bad they would do anything to get rid of them. They are brown in color and with time they darken. They normally affect those people with light skin more compared to those with darker skin types.

Seborrheic Keratosis affect ladies more compared to the men. This is because their will to stay beautiful. This affects them later on their old age. The effect is however severe on female than on male as they worry too much of their beauty and skin. It becomes worse if the seborrheic keratosis affects mostly the face.

They lessen ones beauty and to some point can bring down one’s self esteem because of the spots and the black marks on your face. They irritate more when touched or rubbed. This means that the patient will rarely apply makeup so that she cannot rub the spots. The spots also affect ones facial shape. The spots are attached to the face with a stem. This means you can no longer have the pretty smooth face you ones had. We all agree to this as it is something one would like to avoid no matter the cost.

The skin growth is highly related to sun rays. It is said to get severe when exposed to direct and excessive sunlight. The skin conditions appear during or after the middle ages of about 40 years. They rarely affect children and you must be so unlucky to have them in your teenage years. That is the lowest age they can appear in one’s lifetime. Some doctors believe that everyone must experience this seborrheic keratosis at least once in their lifetime. As much as the exact cause is not known, similar is the treatment. There are however some prescribed ways to treat or remove the seborrheic keratosis.

Some of the ways are medical while others are herbal treated. It is however important to note that no matter how hard you may try to remove those spots, they will still occur again. It is therefore recommended that if you can, remain and live with them. Moreover, they are harmless.

Seborrheic keratosis

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