Seborrheic Keratosis On Black Skin

Seborrheic Keratosis On Black Skin

Studies have shown that black skin is firmer, smoother, and stronger and is more resistant to photo damage and the aging process when compared to white skin. Some of the diseases that are apparent in black people include: razor bumps, “ashy skin,” vitiligo, keloids, pityriasis alba, lupus erythematosus, tinea versicolor, acne due to pomades applied to the scalp, sebhorreic keratosis and many more. There are however diseases that are considered rare and uncommon among black people and they include: scabies, head lice, and rosacea.

Sebhorreic keratosis is one of the most common types of noncancerous skin growths or infections and is common in older or middle aged adults. Although the infection may resemble skin cancer it is not cancerous and even if the growths can resemble warts though they have no viral origin. The infection usually appears in form of growths which range from brown to black and they grow on the neck, chest, back, trunk, head, shoulders, and the face region of the affected patient. The treatment methods for Sebhorreic Keratosis may either be natural home remedies or done in the hospital, by a professional. The growths are normally painless and may require no treatment but you may prefer having them removed if they are irritated by the clothing or for cosmetic reasons like your own body beauty. Because only the top layer of the epidermis is affected, the growths are often described as having a pasted on appearance. The lesions may be contiguous or adjacent malignant skin neoplasm that are of various types, the growths have a greasy appearance and they look like they have been glued to the skin.

Although the black skin is stronger than white skin, it is not resistant to various skin diseases such as sebhorreic keratosis and so proper care should be taken on the skin. If in case you have a skin infection such sebhorreic keratosis the following are some of the guidelines to maintain your skin:

It is important to note that Sebhorreic keratosis is often confused with some other skin disorders. you shouldn’t really fear when you see growths on your skin, some people may have fears that your skin may be infected with cancer, do not worry that much because this article will analyze various skin infections similar to sebhorreic keratosis and their symptoms that will help you realize what you are suffering from.

Try not to scratch your skin, never squeeze pimples, as this would result in an infection. Do not use harsh detergents or soaps, instead use detergents that will soften your clothing and reduce the irritation that would occur on the growths, do not use abrasive cleansers on your skin, never use Vaseline or pomades on your face or scalp.

Seborrheic keratosis

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