Seborrheic Keratosis Natural Treatment

Seborrheic keratosis can be treated easily from the comfort of your home. This involves the use of seborrheic keratosis natural treatment. This treatment is not only cheap but has no side effects like scars.

Seborrheic keratosis natural treatment methods are many. Lemon sugar scrub is a seborrheic keratosis natural treatment. This method is very natural and affordable too. The scrub is composed of sugar, almond oil, lemon and honey and is used just like other body scrubs. This seborrheic keratosis natural treatment is best used twice a day and after a bath when the skin is fresh and the pores are open.

Some seborrheic keratosis growths protrude. The seborrheic keratosis natural treatment for these is tying a knot. The knot simply works by blocking blood supply to the growths hence there is no supply of nutrients and oxygen. With time, the growths will fall off and you will be left with smooth skin. When using this seborrheic keratosis natural treatment method, ensure that you keep tightening the knot everyday so that the growth falls off easier. If the skin condition is on a part of the body where you cannot reach, you can ask someone to help you tie the knot.

The skin needs plenty of vitamins in order to thrive. Taking food with the required vitamins and in good quantity and quality is another seborrheic keratosis natural treatment. These can also be accompanied by vitamin supplements which you can use to add to the vitamin requirements.

Another seborrheic keratosis natural treatment is a wet and cold wash cloth. The lesions caused by this condition can sometimes get very itchy and irritating. When this happens, rub cold, wet clothing on the lesions to ease the pain.

Hydrogen peroxide is a good seborrheic keratosis natural treatment. Hydrogen peroxide is usually diluted in a concentration of between 20-40%. This treatment is applied on the growths very carefully and they turn white. This home seborrheic keratosis natural treatment is usually used periodically at least once a week.

Glycolic acid is seborrheic keratosis natural treatment. The preferred solution should be 30%. Glycolic acid is put in a spray can which is used to spray on the growths on the skin. This seborrheic keratosis natural treatment method usually irritates for the first time but with time, it will stop. However, if the situation worsens, please stop using this seborrheic keratosis natural treatment method.

In conclusion, natural treatments are the most preferred as there are no harmful effects. For things like acids and peroxides, please be careful with the concentrations.

Seborrheic keratosis

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