Seborrheic Keratosis & Medical Insurance

Seborrheic keratosis, among all other skin growths happen to be one whose treatment is highly thought of though, they may disappear gradually if not treated. This skin growth poses little problem and is rarely dangerous but the way they look becomes a great bother so many prefer to treat them when they appear on any part of the body. Do Medical Insurances really cover the cost of treatment for seborrheic keratosis?

-Emergency services are covered by most health insurance policies but the question is “ what kind of emergency service?”. If one decides to rush to an emergency room due to aches and pains, be aware that insurances only pay for injuries that are considered as emergency.

-Reasonable diagnostic services are also covered by health insurance policies but before one ask for a special test like a skin biopsy, first find out the seriousness of the symptoms or problems you are experiencing to if you qualify for coverage.

-Surgeries are paid by medical health insurance policies but pre-authorization from Health Insurance Company is required before it is considered. Methods like cryosurgery, electrocautery, etc. for the removal of seborrheic keratosis are not considered as surgery as no stitches are required after scraping skin growth off.

“Will medical insurance cover seborrheic keratosis?”. The answer is both “yes” and “no” depending on the circumstances. Medical insurance policies may cover the treatment of seborrheic keratosis in a situation where the skin growth causes serious or extreme pain, itch and bleeding because a biopsy may be conducted to ensure that the growth is non-cancerous.

“No” because medical health insurance policies do not actually cover the treatment of seborrheic keratosis especially when it is done cosmetically. This skin growth is considered or known to be painless most of the time and rarely dangerous.

If cost of treatment becomes a problem to worry about, then worry no more because there are several home remedies that have been tried, tested and considered safe to use. It is very important to know that most health insurance companies do not pay 100percent of your medical treatment. Insurance companies that do so are usually self-insured policies managed by a company. May be one can consider buying a standard or above health insurance policies that provide full coverage.

Keep in mind that most insurance companies and Medicare will not pay for removal of seborrheic keratosis if done for cosmetic reasons. Even for medical reasons treatment includes intense itching, pain, inflammation, bleeding and infection.

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