Seborrheic Keratosis Home Treatment

Seborrheic Keratosis Home Treatment

As one ages the skin cells tend to lose their ability to rapidly generate new skin and hence the old skin begins to form scaly crusts on the skin. These give the skin unsightly spots which are outgrowths above the normal skin which are bulgy. They vary in terms of size, shape and even color with some appearing as black or dark tan. A combination of all these constitute the skin condition seborrheic keratosis. While they are harmless, they are not attractive either but this should not a cause for alarm as there are seborrheic keratoses home treatment remedies.

One of the best seborrheic keratoses home treatment methods is the use of hydrogen peroxide. It should be concentrated but not above 80% which might cause the skin to corrode. It is applied directly on the affected part specifically on the spot and immediately the spot turns white. With time the white color disappears and is replaced by a pink coloration. Later on scabs will be formed on the spots. While applying the hydrogen peroxide it is highly recommended to use a cotton swab so that you apply it exactly on the spots without touching the unaffected skin.

Application of hydrogen peroxide as a seborrheic keratoses home treatment should be applied every now and then till all the spots have been eliminated completely. Moreover as the seborrheic keratosis may regenerate it is advisable to continue using hydrogen peroxide by adding to your bath water.

Another effective seborrheic keratoses home treatment is a solution of glycolic acid. The solution is sprayed on the affected area using a spray bottle and the solution is left there for a couple of hours without being washed. For excellent results you can even leave the solution overnight. This process causes a little itching sensation which is quite normal but if it becomes too intense you can reduce the concentration of the glycolic solution or stop the procedure completely.

The advantage of using seborrheic keratoses home treatment is that the materials you need are available locally and you can just hop into the nearest chemist and grab a bottle of any of these seborrheic keratoses home treatment. The prices for the two are extremely cheap if you compare them to visiting a doctor such as to get a laser surgery for removal of seborrheic keratosis. Besides, you can monitor the progress and discontinue with the treatment if you notice any negative reactions when using seborrheic keratoses home treatment.

Seborrheic keratosis

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