Seborrheic Keratosis H2O2 Treatment

Keratosis is common today. It can affect any individual of any age or sex. It can also come up on several parts of the body. No one can really say specifically what the cause of the skin condition is. Medical science had also not being able to show how to prevent it. The skin condition does not however have any negative effect on the skin aside the fact that it may make your skin look ugly and unsightly.  The best thing to do when you have the skin condition is to look for a way to get rid of it.

Many methods had been made available for the treatment of Seborrheic keratosis. You need to be very careful about the method you use for treating the skin condition when it comes up on your skin. While some methods will not have any side effect on you, some other methods may have very harsh effect on your skin and get the skin damaged in the course of treatment.  One of the simple methods that can be used to treat Seborrheic keratosis without any problem whatsoever is hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is a corrosive liquid. It can be very useful in simple cleaning of wounds. And it had been discovered to be active against Seborrheic keratosis. It is very simple to apply and your six year old kid should be able to get it done without any problem.

The liquid should be used to wash the surface of the skin condition very gently after which it should be applied on the Seborrheic keratosis. You can make use of a piece of cotton wool wrapped around a small stick to carry out the application. Cover the surface of the Seborrheic keratosis with the hydrogen peroxide and try to avoid touching the surrounding skin with the liquid.

Hydrogen peroxide can get evaporated easily. In order to prevent this, cover the Seborrheic keratosis with band aid. You can leave it for about 24 hours after which you should change the band aid in case the Seborrheic keratosis had not been removed by then.


Caution needs to be exercised while carrying out the treatment of Seborrheic keratosis with hydrogen peroxide. The surrounding skin should not be touched at all by the liquid. Any such mistake can have a burning effect on the skin. After few days of consistent application, the skin condition can be removed from the skin without forming any scar.


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