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One of the skin conditions that pose a threat of disfiguring people’s face is Seborrheic keratosis. Though it is believed to be noncancerous, the psychological damage that it can inflict on the individual is immense; the face is the most exposed part of the body.  It also seems to radiate an individual’s personality and chances are that if that person has unsightly blemishes on the face, he/she might not be able to project or display one’s positive image. Seborrheic keratosis that appears on a person’s face can discolor that person’s face and revival of that self-esteem entirely hinges on the immediate treatment of the lesions on the face.


The fact that some people call them barnacles clearly shows that they are not desirable on any part of the body. Seborrheic keratosis comes in various colors, which ranges from brown, black to light tan. They can alter the appearance and texture of the person’s face because they are different from the surrounding areas. Some people especially the older people may decide not to have Seborrheic keratosis removed on the pretext that the blemishes do not damage the skin. However, doctors may advise them to have these blemishes on their face removed if the individual has other skin conditions (such as sensitivity to the sun or dermatitis) that are capable of worsening the status of one’s face.


In case you feel Seborrheic keratosis on your face must be treated, there are numerous treatment options that you can use. This can either be over the counter or home made seb keratosis treatment methods. You can cover the lesions on your face with an adhesive bandage so that the affected part does not rub against the cloth you are wearing. This also prevents bleeding and this is important as it wards off further infection of the skin. Alternatively, you may consider treating the Seborrheic keratosis by applying hydrogen peroxide but should it should not be used excessively.

It is utterly incredible that some people have treated Seborrheic keratosis using avocado oil. And it only takes a very simple procedure: apply the avocado oil on the blemish regularly until all the discoloration on your face has completely disappeared. The good news about using avocado oil is that it is not only cost effective but also safe for your skin. It is also recommended that you increase intake of vitamins and supplements as they can help erase the Seborrheic keratosis.

Seborrheic keratosis

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