Seborrheic Keratosis Around The Eyes

When we talk of seborrheic keratosis we are talking about a skin condition that causes lesions to appear on our skin. The lesions are associated with the excess solar radiations that hit our skin hence the most affected areas are the once that are mostly exposed. Our eyes are not secluded since the area around our eye can also get seborrheic keratosis and since it is a very conspicuous part it can make you look very ugly. Seborrheic keratosis starts as a small lesion then progressively grows larger over time. It rarely fades away on their own however they are harmless.

Seborrheic keratoses are not a type of skin condition that should cause panic or raise alarm since they are not painful or itchy unless you disturb them. The best and most recommended choice is always to leave them; nevertheless having them around on your skin especially around the eyes is not that easy especially for those who care a lot about their public image. You can opt to get rid of the skin infection however be cautious not to run to any method of getting rid of the skin condition since you eyes are very delicate and should be handled with care.

Some techniques like freezing of the skin condition cannot be encouraged around the eye since it may have other effects or damaging to the eye. Make sure that you analyze all the techniques that are used to get rid of seborrheic keratosis. Have a look at their pros and cons and the effects it has on the skin. If it may have damaging effects on your eye then seize and look for a better option. You can have a medical practitioner help you in identifying the best method you can approach the skin condition.

The say prevention is the best cure, if you don’t want the trouble going round the whole procedure for curing for seborrheic keratosis then you may consider adopting preventive procedure. Always make sure that before you go out to the sun apply sunscreen protector to your body so as to protect your skin form the rays of the sun. The sunscreens protectors cannot be used on areas around the eyes therefore ensure that you use sunscreen glasses since they are the best in protecting your eyes and skin area around the solar radiation. Therefore it can be concluded that seborrheic keratosis has cure but prevention prevails to be the best option.


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