Seborrheic Keratosis And Vitamins

Sebhorreic Keratosis is a type of wart-like skin outgrowth that may appear on any part of the body. Although some become itchy and painful, they are benign and are not cancerous. This is not to mean however, that they cannot develop into skin cancer. In fact, there are types of Sebhorreic Keratosis that are known to develop into skin cancer.

A major source of worry when it comes to Sebhorreic Keratosis is their effect on the looks of someone especially if they appear on the prominent body parts like the face and the arms. Despite this being a medical condition, Sebhorreic Keratosis can cause embarrassment especially when one appears in public with them. Therefore, it becomes very necessary to get rid of them.

Some Sebhorreic Keratosis are known to disappear mysteriously, just like they appeared. This occurs much to the delight of the patients because that means one does not have to undergo all that trouble of trying to remove them. On the other hand, however, most of SKs do not automatically come off but rather have to be removed.

There are many methods that one can use to remove Sebhorreic Keratosis. Some of these methods require one to consult a dermatologist while others can be inexpensively carried out from home. Some of the methods that require a dermatologist include electrocautery, cryotherapy and curettage.

A method that can easily be employed from home is the administration of vitamins. This does not necessarily mean just any type of vitamins because emphasis is put on vitamin D. This is mainly because of its effect on the skin.

Some of the skin conditions are brought about by the deficiency of Vitamin D in the body. That means for one to be safe from them, there has to be sufficient vitamins in the body. Using this principle, it becomes logical that to get rid of some skin conditions, one needs to replenish the Vitamin D in the body. In fact, Sebhorreic Keratosis can be gotten rid of by regular intake of Vitamin D because this clears up the skin to make it smooth and blotch less.

So, what are the sources of Vitamin D? A good source is the fatty fishes like salmon and catfish. Other sources include eggs, beef liver, cod liver etc. Any of these foods are supposed to be taken on a daily basis until the Sebhorreic Keratosis disappear from the skin.

Please note, however, that this is not a sure way of getting rid of Sebhorreic Keratosis Some may not disappear at all, even after eating a lot of Vitamin D. The surest way of getting rid of Sebhorreic Keratosis therefore, is to physically remove them by any of the other methods like electrocautery, cryotherapy, etc.

Seborrheic keratosis

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