Seborrheic Keratosis

Seborrheic developed just like a non-cancerous spot on the surface of skin. It is true that a most common kind of non-cancerous growth is seborrheic keratosis of which the older people get affected. The term Seborrheic indirectly means “greasy” Where as the thickened skin stands for keratosis. The appearance may occur in group. At initial stages the color of seborrheic keratosis will be light tan that will change into darken dark brown and on later stages completely black. They appear just small rounded spots in the form having the measurement of several inches. If you touch them it gives you feeling like wax and scaly. Although the outlook of seborrheic keratosis is just like a cancerous growths on the skin areas but actually they don’t get cancerous.

They causes no pain and the  treatment also don’t required for the seborrheic keratosis. Although majority of people plan for the removal of these kind of growth because of cosmetic reasons or in case if you are getting irritate of clothing you even take decision for its removal.

The features of seborrheic keratosis:

The occurrence may clearly be visible on the facial skin, shoulders back and the chest. There are so many features of seborrheic keratosis but the main is it’s waxy out looks that give feeling just like a drop of brown candle wax on the skin that not deliver a pleasant look.

It is not a contagious disease that’s why there is no risk of spreading seborrheic keratosis to other people. Moreover it doesn’t create any kind of risk for your health because it has no relation with the skin cancer. The appearance color is most commonly dark shade. They don’t have the tendency to develop into melanoma as the moles have to do so. Sometimes the people have to suffer a lot with their increasing age. Sometimes seborrheic keratosis may occur during pregnancy or may occur due to having some replacement therapy of hormones.

The sun exposure is not a cause for seborrheic keratosis they usually are hereditary. These primarily develop among the people because of inherit characteristics such as the locations and the patterns as well. Few kinds of keratosis usually are brown in color with hard and rough outer layer on the facial Areas that may be actinic keratosis that mainly caused by the sun damage.

Normally this kind of seborrheic growth is not painful. You should be careful about them it is not good to pick or to rub them. It can be inflamed and leads you towards bleeding that will develop infection.

The growth of seborrheic keratosis can be increased on more areas if they get rubbed or scratched. Mild steroid creams and lotions that contain alpha- hydroxy may help to make them less severe.