Seb Keratosis

This skin condition is sometimes referred to as senile warts, basal cell papillomas or brown warts.  Most people get very scared whenever they find small or large lesions of seb keratosis on their skin. However, it must be pointed out that seborrheic keratoses are harmless skin lesions and can be treated. There are very rare cases of seborrheic keratoses that have later mutated into malignant tumors. Seb keratosis is quite common in people who are aging or generally among older adults.

The fact that Seb keratosis is a harmless lesion does not mean that the affected person should not seek early intervention measures. There are so many different types of keratoses and some of them are very harmful. It can sometimes be difficult to diagnose skin cancers as well. This implies that early and proper diagnosis is vital. Seb keratosis starts as slightly swollen light brown spots before they gradually become thick, scaly or crusty surfaces. In advanced stages Seb keratoses are rough warty surfaces that usually darken and become black thereby affecting the texture of the skin. Unlike age spots, Seb keratosis is not selective; it can occur on both covered and uncovered parts of the body. It is highly likely that these lesions can appear as individual spots or several freckles that could very easily spread to the entire body.

There is no known cause of Seb keratosis though it is typical of people that are aging and most people attribute it to the aging process. These lesions usually increase as the person in question grows older. While most scientists may dismiss the fact that Seb keratosis is genetic, some people could inherit the tendency to have single or numerous lesions of different sizes. Though excessive exposure to the sun may not be a possible cause of Seb keratosis, intense sunlight could worsen the condition. Irritating skin conditions such as dermatitis could aggravate the condition too.

The other good news about Seb keratosis is that it is treatable but it can only be removed if you wish to. Some people are usually not ready to have such lesions removed on realizing that they are harmless. They are often scared of the ‘likely pain’ during the process of removal. It is imperative to remove the lumps especially if you find them itchy or unsightly. Some doctors will advise you to remove it especially if they are unsure of the correct diagnosis.


Seborrheic keratosis

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