Seb K

Seb K is a term commonly used to refer to seborrheic keratosis. It refers to a skin condition normally characterised by skin growths that are mostly painless with some being slightly itchy. Keratosis is commonly mistaken for skin cancer. However, Seb K has some defining features that help distinguish it from other skin conditions. The growths only grow on the epidermis or the outer part of the skin and they do not affect the deeper skin layers. This is often not the case with skin cancer.

Keratosis mostly affects body parts such as the face, shoulders, back, and the chest. These are also the parts that are most frequently exposed to sunlight hence the belief that excess exposure to sunlight can cause Seb K. The growths tend to come in a number of colours with the most common ones are brown, black, and yellow. However, other colours may be manifested depending on the skin colour of the patients and the nature of the growths. Another common feature of the growths is that they tend to be elevated above the skin surface. This is perhaps the reason why the practice of shaving them off has been and continues to be popular. Many people simply shave off the Seb K and go on to apply chemical agents to stop the bleeding. The treatment method can be painful and is not to be practiced by persons of faint hearts. Many keratosis have a rough wart like texture while some have a waxy surface. The nature of the surface may therefore not be solely used to tell whether a growth is Seb K or not. Seb K is a cause of great concern among those affected due to the fact that it substantially affects their beauty as reflected by the smoothness of their skin.

In many societies, the beauty of the skin constitutes the most significant component of beauty. It also helps reflect on the inner personality of the individuals in question. Seb K threatens this beauty and many of the affected tend to be anxious about having the resultant growths removed in the shortest possible time. This is the reason why many methods of treatment have been devised. The condition may be claimed to be one of those conditions attracting high levels of interest around the world. The causative factors of this condition are yet to be established authoritatively hence giving this condition a somewhat mysterious edge.

Seborrheic keratosis

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