Removal Of Seborrheic Warts

Seborrheic warts on the skin usually make the skin to appear somehow ugly. This is because they give a different pigmentation from the normal skin and the crusts may cause sever irritation or may bleed if clothes rub on them. Seborrheic wart removal is thus inevitable. There are many Seborrheic wart removal methods and one can choose any one method which best suits them.

Since Seborrheic warts appear elevated above the normal skin excision is one of the cheapest and readily available Seborrheic wart removal methods. Using a razor blade the wart is carefully scraped off the skin with intense care to avoid damaging the underlying unaffected skin. This may be done several times to prevent regeneration of the warts.

Besides, Seborrheic wart removal can be done through surgical treatment by a professional doctor. This method is rather expensive but it gives the best results and the side effects are very minimal. Moreover just one treatment may be enough to entirely get rid of all the skin warts.

Liquefied nitrogen can also be used for Seborrheic wart removal. It is sprayed on the affected skin where there are warts and this causes the cells to freeze. They do not regenerate any more and hence fall off leaving the skin wart free and smooth as it initially was.

Electrocautery is a more complex Seborrheic wart removal method where the warts are burnt with electric current. This method is effective on its own but most of the time it is combined with curettage. It usually takes more time to get rid of the warts but eventually they disappear completely. Its disadvantaged in that the warts may leave behind scars if not properly done especially in dark skinned people hence most preferred for light skinned or pale persons.

A less effective method of Seborrheic wart removal is by use of creams which can be purchased locally over the counter or be bought with the prescription from a doctor. They cause the warts to fade off gradually. This may take a relatively long time and if they do not go well with the skin they may cause severe allergic reactions and side effects. Caution is highly recommended on the viability of the products and trustworthy of the manufacturer.

If anyone wishes to have a Seborrheic wart removal it is best to consult a medical practitioner on the best methods so that you do not end up with scars even more unsightly than the warts themselves.



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