Removal Of Seborrheic Keratoses

Whether we like it our body is aging and as we age so comes the many changes, development of seborrheic keratoses is just but one of them. This is a skin condition where it appears with spots of different colors usually tan or dark. However this should not cause us to worry as we cannot prevent the inevitable. We can however treat these spots so that we regain our once beautiful even toned skins. Removal of seborrheic keratosis is very easy since there are many options to choose from. Here are some of the best methods for removal of seborrheic keratoses

Use of laser is one of the most widely used method for removal of seborrheic keratoses. It involves uses of electricity to shine a beam on the lesions which causes them to break apart. This method is sometimes referred to as electrical desiccation. Closely related to this method is use of laser beams which work in the same way as electric beams.

The other way for removal of seborrheic keratoses is by shaving. This is done using a razor blade which is sharp enough and caution should be taken so that it does not go too deep to reach the normal unaffected skin. After removal of seborrheic keratoses is done using this method a chemical is then added which prevents any cuts from bleeding.

Moreover surgical removal is another effective method of removal of seborrheic keratoses. Since it is very costly it is rarely used unless when the individual has the ability to pay for the procedure. It is the best method though since it does not leave any noticeable marks and its side effects are very minimal.

Use of creams is the cheapest method for removal of seborrheic keratoses. These creams can be purchased locally over the counter and only need to be applied on the lesions and they cause them to disappear gradually. They are however not very advisable as sometimes they cause dramatic side effects and the skin may become even more unsightly than it was initially.

Besides these methods you can use liquefied nitrogen a method which is called cyrotherapy. This makes the cells to freeze and later to disintegrate.

As one ages you will notice that the lesions will become even more and hence removal of seborrheic keratoses methods will come in handy. You will need to consult on the best methods depending on your skin tone and the side effects that come with each method.


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