Protecting Children From Keratosis and Age Spots

Keratosis / age spots, also known as liver spots are those dark spots that develop on skin. However, these spots have really nothing to do with age. They are just pigmentation of the skin caused by excessive melanin on skin. Melanin is what gives one his or her skin color and this protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. But having age spots as a child could be cute or annoying, and of course parents are concerned about this.

There are also several factors on how you can get age spots. Heredity is a factor. If this occurs in most of family members or relatives, one has the chance to develop “age” spots. Fair skinned people also have higher chances of acquiring age spots. Age spots can also be due to one’s lifestyle.

Regarding age spots on children, it could be hard to address because children loves playing under the sun. You may want to let your children play indoors or in a shaded area.

Kids are not yet concerned of their skin. convince your kids to use umbrellas.

applying sunscreens is another option. Just make sure that the sunscreen to be used has the right amount of sun protection factor. The higher the SPF, the better.

What your child munches also affects the pigmentation of the skin. eliminate junk foods from your child’s diet and give them healthy and nutritious foods.  Basically, eating fruits and vegetables can give one healthy skin.

But if your child already has these spots, it is wise to see a dermatologist if these spots are really severe and bothersome. The dermatologist can help remove these spots, under parent’s consent. {You may ask the dermatologist to recommend a medication for your child.} Treatments may differ from creams, serums and surgery.

If you don’t want to go through all of that, then try to follow the tips that have been mentioned earlier. Curing this is more difficult than preventing keratosis and age spots.

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