Protect Your Children From Seborrheic Keratosis

Some people call seborrheic keratosis by the term basal cell papilloma, brown warts, barnacles, seborrheic verruca, seborrheic warts, or senile keratosis. But seborrhoeic or seborrheic keratosis is a very common skin lesion that appears when one is already an adult and are not injurious or dangerous and do not often or never at all become cancerous or fatal.

They start as hardly noticeable slightly raised skin colored light or brown spots and slowly begin to thicken and take on a rough warty shape on the surface of the skin. They will then begin to gradually darken and may even turn black. Although such color changes are not dangerous, they may cause the lesion to look like a melanoma which is a kind of skin disease. Usually they look like they are stuck on the skin like barnacles and will develop on the skin like barnacles and this will happen both on covered and uncovered parts of the body and maybe be one or a number of then sometimes quite many.

The cause of seborrheic keratosis is not known and the name can be quite misleading, since they are not limited to a seborrheic distribution that is the scalp, mid-face, chest, upper back, as in seborrheic dermatitis, and they do not come into existence from sebaceous glands as is the case with sebaceous hyperplasia.

Seborrheic keratosis are regarded because they are characterized as degenerative in nature, coming into the picture as part of the skin’s aging process. With time seborrheic keratosis become more numerous. Some people have a hereditary disposition of developing quite a huge number of them. Although people believe so, this is a not a condition that is commonly cause by exposure to the sun, although they can come after sunburn or other irritating skin problems.  It can be very difficult to tell skin cancer separately from seborrheic keratosis and it is better to address any concerns that you might have by consulting a physician especially a dermatologist.

Young people are very fond of flocking to the beaches during the summer to display their bodies under the harmful effects of the scorching sun for what they call the perfect tan. Little are they aware of the damage that this causes because a little sun is quite good for anyone because of the needed vitamin A but too much of it can cause long term damage. Parents ought to be aware of the negative and harmful effects of UVA and the UVB radiation on the skin and when kids step outdoors; they need to ensure that kids have sun blocks and cream for protection. The correct type of clothing will also help the correct hat and the right kind of long sleeved loose fitting clothing will go a long way in offering protection to the children while they are outdoors.

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