Natural Ways To Remove Seborrheic Keratosis

Anyone can have seborrheic keratosis. This has made it a very common skin condition all over the place. While some think it is associated with old age, it had been discovered that it can affect practically everyone; irrespective of the fact that you are old or young. It does not have any negative effect on the skin of those affected by it. Some may decide to leave it without treatment.

Its associated problem

Seborrheic keratosis does not lead to any negative health condition. The only problem it causes is cosmetics in nature. It can make the skin look ugly and unsightly. This is exactly why many individuals will want to get rid of it.  Many methods are available for treating the skin condition. If you can spare the money, you can visit the hospital where surgery or some other medical methods can be used to help you get rid of the skin condition. But in case you can’t spare the money, you can always look for home made solutions to the skin condition. Some very helpful natural methods will be discussed below to help you with the seborrheic keratosis

Freeze it up

You can simply get the seborrheic keratosis frozen in case you do not have the money to pay for its surgical removal at the hospital. Liquid nitrogen is the most common substances used for this treatment. It only involves applying the liquid nitrogen directly on the surface of the skin condition. You can easily obtain liquid nitrogen over the counter. Place it on the keratosis and leave it for about ten seconds. Repeat this for several times during the day. Liquid nitrogen has a temperature below freezing point and this will bring a freezing effect on the skin condition.

Topical solutions

You can also make use of some topical creams for the treatment of seborrheic keratosis right at home. You only need to apply the specially made topical creams on the skin condition and you can be sure of getting relieved from the skin condition.  Herbal products are mainly the constituents of many of the topical creams. This means they will not have any contrary effect on your skin.


Consistency is the keyword when you are treating this skin condition at home. Any failure to carry out these home remedies on daily basis will never give you any positive result on the skin condition.  The instruction of use is clearly written on the products; you only need to apply them as stated.




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