My Seborrheic Keratosis Is Bleeding

Seborrheic keratosis simply refers to a type of skin infection that causes the skin to have bumps or lesions. The lesions are never painful or irritating. They vary in color ranging from pink, red, grey or grayish black. The lesions do not bleed unless you pick them or rub them with your hand or outfit. If seborrheic keratosis starts to bleed then make sure that you cover the wound to protect them from germs after applying a disinfectant. Never let it stay open with the blood since germs or virus may get into your body through the wound and cause other skin infections like cancer.

As we said earlier seborrheic keratosis does not bleed that is one characteristic you should know about seborrheic keratosis. If your seborrheic keratosis bleeds continuously without being disturbed or pricked then you may consider having a medical check since it may be having other infections. Seborrheic keratosis is not a harmful skin condition however if there are other skin conditions along with it then it may be harmful to your health and the health of your skin. Always have a doctor check all bleeding seborrheic keratosis since you may think that it is keratosis when it is not.

So what do you do about bleeding keratosis? It is always recommended that you leave keratosis alone however if they are bleeding the best you can do is remove them. It is wise that you remove them since as they bleed they become itchy and irritating plus they can harbor other infections. They will also inconvenience your cosmetics since the blood will cause a lot of stains on your outfit. There are many approaches for getting rid of the bleeding keratosis however, be cautious so that you don’t use supplements that are harmful to your body.

You can have a dermatologist help you in getting rid of the infection or rather do it yourself. Some of the methods that doctors recommend include freezing the lesions with a certain chemical so that the lesions die and fall. Other options include surgery using some of the advanced technologies we have nowadays. Use of creams that help to get rid of the seborrheic keratosis is also encouraged. Always make sure that you purchase the right cream and that you use them as recommended. Give time for the medication to take effect since it takes some time for you to see positive change.


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