Keratosis Types

Keratosis is never one of the best things anyone will want to experience. It may be true that some forms of it do not lead to any cancer on the skin. But this does still not make this skin problem attractive. It can make the skin look rather ugly to the extent that no one may want to associate with anyone having it. The stigma that can be placed on the person is even enough to drive one crazy. It is very essential to get this skin problem treated as soon as possible.  But before you seek for treatment for your Keratosis, you may do well to know about the type of the skin condition that you are having. This knowledge will help you to understand the right kind of treatment to be implemented.

Actinic keratosis

This type is also referred to as senile or solar keratosis. It is so called because it is mainly caused by the effect of excessive ultraviolet ray on the skin. When the skin is exposed to the sun for too long, this skin condition may occur. It is very essential to care for it quickly. This is because; it has the propensity to cause cancer. It seems to be the only form of Keratosis that can lead to cancer. It normally appears as thickened and coarse bump on the skin. It can be treated using cryotherapy and several other surgical interventions.

Seborrheic keratosis

The earlier mentioned form of keratosis has to do with the sun. But the case is different with this other form. This type does not appear necessarily on the part of the body that is exposed to sunlight. Rather, it is common on the back and on the chest. While the former type can lead to cancer, this later form does not lead to cancer. But anytime the clothing you are putting on touches the spot, you feel this itchy and painful feeling. Bleeding may even occur from the inflamed lesion.  Laser can be used in treating this skin problem and you will get your fresh skin back.

Keratosis pilaris

This type is not caused by sunlight. But it is principally caused by genetic manipulation on the skin of the affected individual. It is also referred to as follicular Keratosis. It usually appears on the lateral part of the arm and the chest. It manifest by reddish rough bumps on the skin.   The use of laser therapy can also be useful in treating it.

Seborrheic keratosis

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