Keratosis Removal

Seborrheic Keratosis is a term used to refer to painless growths that appear in various parts of the body. Even though they may be painless, their presence presents those affected with a major concern especially as far as the cosmetic value of their skins is concerned. The most common methods for the removal of these skin swellings include electrocautery, ablation and cryosurgery. Several other methods of Keratosis removal have been known to be applicable at home and include the use of a cold compress, the application of glycolic acid, the use of hydrogen peroxide and in some cases; the use of vitamins and supplements.

The cryosurgery method of Keratosis removal helps in taking care of the skin growths by using nitrogen. The main focus of this method is to freeze the growth. In the process of Keratosis removal a spray gun is used to spray liquid nitrogen on the growth to freeze it. There are however many reservations about the use of cryosurgery in Keratosis removal. This method is said to be largely ineffective when growths and large and thick with there being a high probability that the treatment would leave white spots if used on such large growths. These white spots may significantly work against the goal of ensuring that the patients’ skins remain as healthy and good looking as possible. The electrocautery method of Keratosis removal involves the burning of the growth by using a curette or though an electric current. The curette involves some measure surgery where it is used to scrape off the treated skin growth. It is therefore expected that minimal bleeding would occur when the treatment is being conducted. This method of Keratosis removal is known to be a little slower than the rest. However, it is hailed as one of the most effective methods of Keratosis removal.

Ablation on the other hand uses the laser technology to remove the growths. It works by vaporising the growth hence becoming quite an effective method of Keratosis removal. However, care must be taken to ensure that the laser light is properly concentrated for it to be effective. It therefore requires a high level of skill and therefore not easily accessible. The main factors to be considered when choosing the method of treatment include the cost element, the availability of time, and the effectiveness of the methods. For instance, a person with a large thick growth would want to opt for the electrocautery method even if it were comparatively more expensive than other methods.

Seborrheic keratosis

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