Keratosis removal – Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is primarily obtained from sugar cane and used extensively for many industrial applications because of its distinguishable properties. Glycolic acid has also found its way into several cosmetic and skin care products especially those created to fight acne infections, sun related damages to skin, wrinkles and the improvement of the general appearance of the skin. Glycolic acid can also be used to treat all sorts of pigmentation and such include those that are caused by Keratosis.

Glycolic acid is used in so many ways to deal with Keratosis and some other skin infections. It can be combined with some extracts of alcohol to form a facial peel which can be applied directly on Keratosis growth on the skin, the ester compounds used along the glycolic acid will prevent irritation on the skin and gives it an ideal fragrance.  Glycolic acid works on keratosis by means of triggering the  activation of the epidermal cells which are located directly on the outer layer of the skin, in so doing, the binding properties of the lips within this region are broken , while the dead skin cells are dissolved. The Glycolic acid thus exfoliate the skin without causing any harm. Glycolic acid thus removed Keratosis through a simple and natural way.

Glycolic acid used in the treatment of Keratosis comes with different grades of potency, some form of the acid may just be used as a facial peel while the stronger form of the acid can be used as a peel and at the same time help to stimulate collagen and the elastic fiber which will be used in strengthening the new under-skin that has been exposed. Keratosis  Bernacles is one of the kinds of Keratosis that can be effectively treated with Glycolic acid, since this form of Keratosis is associated with an ageing skin, Glycolic acid will not only remove the keratosis outgrowths but will also strengthen the weakened skin and rejuvenates it to bring out a new youthful looking skin.

It is quite common to see some slight pink discolouration especially after using it to deal with Keratosis, in some cases, an individual may witness some minor flaking , these are temporary side effects that will disappear after sometime. Glycolic acid should not be used as a complete skin peel solution , it only offers a mild peeling effect but more therapeutic powers in destroying outgrowths on the skin.

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