Keratosis Natural Treatment

Keratosis is a condition that creates warty features on the skin. In most cases, people have associated it with cancerous cells. However, keratosis is not associated with cancer in any way. It mostly affects people with over forty years. Nevertheless, there are cases of young people getting infected with keratosis. Experts claim that the kind of food consumed and the chemicals applied on skins by young people could be the cause of keratosis. Keratosis has no main cause among the older people. It is simply attributed to the reactions of the ageing skin. The good news about this skin condition is that it can be controlled. There are quite a number of ways to control it. Here are the two main ones to naturally control keratosis.

One is use of glycolic acid. This chemical has over a long period of time been used to naturally treat keratosis. Once purchased, you are required to dilute it to a 12% concentration. Thereafter, apply it to the affected area using a soft piece of cloth. When applying on your face, make sure that the mouth, eyes and nostrils are well protected to prevent them from coming in contact with the acid. After the application, cover the area with a duct tape to facilitate complete absorption as the tape prevents evaporation of the acid.

Alternatively, you can use hydrogen peroxide. It is equally effective when it comes to removing keratosis. Hydrogen peroxide is available in all stores. Just like glycolic acid, dilute it with water to a 25% concentration. After that, use a soft piece of cloth and gently apply it on the affected skin area. Cover the area with a duct tape to facilitate 100% absorption. Be careful to make sure that it does not come in contact with eyes, nostrils and the mouth. In case it comes in contact with any of the mentioned parts, wash with lots of water and immediately see a physician.

You need to shun dealers who offer some illegitimate products in the name of creams that treat keratosis. In most cases, such creams are more dangerous to your skin as their manufacturers’ mainly target profits at the expense of your health. That calls upon you to be vigilant when looking for products that can remove keratosis. Do not be lured with cheap product offers as they could prove detrimental to your skin in the long run.


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