Have you heard of keratosis before? I am sure that you must have come across that term. The one that is being referred to is the plural form of the keratosis you have heard about severally. The plural term comes in; considering the fact that this skin condition can be of various forms. The general name for all forms of keratosis that you might have ever come by is keratoses.

What is common about keratosis?

One common thing about keratosis is that they all appear on the skin. They all form lesion on the skin and make the skin look rather ugly to behold.  Generally, the lesion they form on the skin can have different color, size and shape. Generally, all forms of keratoses are caused by the sun. There are however some that are due to genetic manipulation on the gene of the affected person.  Also, they all appear on the skin of the affected person when the person gets older.  This is to say that you may end up with keratoses when you grow old in case you are in the habit of consistently exposing yourself to the sun now that you are younger.

What treatment to be applied?

Over the years, several treatment methods had been developed for keratosis since it had been discovered. In most cases, the same treatment method can be employed for all forms of this skin ailment.  The treatment methods can also be in form of oral drugs or topical drugs.  There are times that surgery may also be involved in the treatment of this ailment. In case you do not want to go visiting a hospital to get yourself treated, you should be able to come by very potent natural remedies for treating the keratosis.

The best cure for keratisis

Other forms of treatment methods can be very helpful in treating this skin condition. But it had been discovered that the best treatment method for the ailment called Kerasotes is no other than prevention. If you really want to be free from this skin problem, you need to avoid exposing yourself to the sun excessively. If you can avoid going into the sun, try to do so. In case you can’t avoid it, you should try to put on protective cover so as not to end up with keratosis at the end of the day.


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