Is There A Cure For Seborrheic Keratosis?

Seborrheic keratosis is affecting quite a number of individuals out there. The skin condition had been around for long and many guys out there are wondering if it has a cure or not. The truth is that the skin condition can be managed and treated well; even if it can’t be cured. This simple write up will open your eyes to some of the things you can do to put things under control.

Fingernail polish

You can make use of finger nail polish to get seborrheic keratosis removed from your skin. All you need to do is to simply apply the polish directly on the skin condition in the same way that it would have been applied on the nail. Make sure you do not touch it until the polish has dried on the seborrheic keratosis. Leave it in this state for at least two days. The polish will automatically peel off from the surface of the skin condition. You will notice a lot of difference in the state of the skin condition.

Topical cream

You can simply lay your hands on very simple topical creams and get the skin condition removed from your skin.  The topical creams contain hydroquinone and hydroquinone can help to bleach off the seborrheic keratosis from your skin. In order to get better result, you should wash the surface of the skin before you apply the topical cream.  Allow the water to dry off before the cream is applied. You can also increase the number of times you apply the cream to twice in a day and you can be sure that the skin condition will disappear within days of consistent application.

Chemical peel

Chemical peel too can help in removing seborrheic keratosis from your skin, you only need to place the chemical peel on your skin and leave it to dry on the skin. Chemical peel contains acidic substances that are mild on the skin and it can help to bleach off the skin condition.

Seek Medical help

While it is very easy to make use of any of the home made methods to treat seborrheic keratosis, you may be able to get better result if you pay a visit to the hospital. In the first instance, you may not be able to diagnose the skin condition properly on your own.  At the hospital, the doctor may decide to make use of special treatment methods that will help to get rid of the skin condition completely.



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