Is Seborrheic Keratosis Covered On My Medical Insurance?

Sebhorreic keratosis is a skin condition that is brought about by benign outgrowths that occur on the skin due. These outgrowths look a bit like warts and are non-cancerous, unlike what most people would think. Although their cause is unknown, they appear mostly in people aged above forty years old.

Due to their irritating nature, it becomes very necessary to get rid of them. Please note that ‘irritating’ does not necessarily mean painful. In fact, most of these outgrowths are painless. What makes them irritating is the fact that they are on the skin and this is usually embarrassing especially if they are prominent.

Because it is a health condition, most people often wonder if Sebhorreic Keratosis is covered in the health insurance. This question is a bit complicated, because it depends with the type of health insurance plus the condition of the outgrowths.

The sebhorreic keratosis condition may be covered by the health insurance if the condition is serious and causes extreme pain to the patient. Serious means that the outgrowths are maybe bleeding or very itchy that they cause severe discomfort. In fact, if the outgrowths reach to this extent, it would mean that a biopsy be carried out to determine if they are cancerous or not. And a biopsy is usually covered in the health insurance.

If the Sebhorreic Keratosis outgrowths are not painful and need to be removed for cosmetic reasons, the health insurance will not cater for them. This is because health insurance policies do not cover for cosmetic treatments.

It is true that health insurance policies cater for surgeries. However, removal of the outgrowths by electrocautery, cryotherqapy etc is not considered as a surgery by health insurance companies.  Therefore, using any these methods to remove the outgrowths is definitely not covered in the health insurance.

Health insurances are mostly meant for medical emergencies. Sebhorreic Keratosis is not an emergency medical condition at all. As a matter of fact, such outgrowths are benign and they therefore should not be a reason for any alarm.

The fact that the outgrowths are not covered in the health insurance should however not be a reason for any worry. This is because there are multiple removal methods that can be used at home at no extra cost. All one has to do is simply prepare the necessary instruments and that they are properly disinfected to avoid any infections. An example of such a method is simple a surgical procedure that can be carried out at home by simply cutting of the outgrowths from the base using a razor blade.

Seborrheic keratosis

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