Hydroquinone treatment for Keratosis

Hydroquinone has been a very popular potent skin di-pigmentation chemical for a long time now. It has been used in lightening an entire skin complexion and help removing the most stubborn forms of skin pigmentation problems today. Hydroquinone is often used in skin lightening especially when some other common lightening efforts have proven not to be successful. The sun ultraviolet rays are directly protected from affecting the skin through the help of melanin , however when melanin is produced more than normal, then it is very important for the skin to produce more melanoma cells which result in pigmentation.

Hydroquinone is used for tropical and combined treatment of keratosis. In combination treatment for keratosis, Hydroquinone is often used with some other mild treatment  creams and lotions in blocking off the over production of melanin and  then lightens up the skin in the process of removing the growing keratosis bumps on the body. Hydroquinone is an essential ingredient in the making of exfoliants, retinoids and other skin lightening skin lotions.

Exfoliants are topical cosmetics or peels through which hydroquinone is effectively used. Exfoliants are very helpful in not only lightening the skin but also de-clogging the skin pores from dirts and some other skin surface infections , they thus open up the pores for a better cleaning of the skin and a better Hydroquinone treatment. Exfoliants are applied early in the morning and or late in the evening to achieve the best possible result.

As a combination treatment, Hydroquinone is used in blocking partially the production of melanin  while at the same time it is used in treating the root cause of keratosis infection alongside other treatment materials. Topical hydroquinone do not often exceed 2-4% in any cosmetic formulation.  It is often used in less than 0.1% in tretinoins while in most tropical over-the-counter keratin treatment drugs, the dosage of Hydroquinone does not exceed 2%.

As effective it might seem to be against keratosis infection treatment, Hydroquinone has been found to be highly concentrated and as a result there are lots of drawbacks that comes with it. Hydroquinone has been reputed to have the tendency to cause irritation on dry, chapped skin types, hence people with dry skin and suffering from keratosis often apply some form of moisturizers along with Hydroquinone treatments.

Hydroquinone is often not recommended or darker people because of the presence of high melanin , burning sensations, swelling of the skin , and Hives on the skin are some of the likely side effects of using Hydroquinone for keratosis treatment.