How To Treat Seborrheic Keratosis With Isotretinoin Accutane

Isotretinoin accutane is more common in the treatment of acne than seborrheic keratosis. Accutane products are similar to Vitamin A in functionality and they belong to a group of medicines called Retinoids. Isotretinoin works by altering the body’s DNA transcription which in turn will decrease the output of sebaceous glands. Cells which are sloughed into the sebaceous glands and which become sticky are also prevented from such . These processes will also reduce the activities of bacteria and some other actions that can trigger Seborrhoeic keratosis occurrences.

Seborrheic Keratosis treatment with Isotretinoin accutane is very effective because it deals with the underlying genetic conditions. This treatment also reduced the number of bacterial infections as well as other conditions that may trigger seborrheic keratosis and other skin infections.  The trend of using Isotretinoin in the treatment of SK has been directed towards application at the onset of the diseases, this is why it is ideal for young people who have just started to show signs of developing the skin disorder. Isotretinoin can also be used especially when severe scarring has started developing with the symptoms of seborrheic keratosis infections.

The use of Isotretinoin involves a gradual approach. This means the treatment starts with low dosage and it is then gradually increased during the course of the treatment. The treatment of SK with Isotretinoin often last between 14 weeks to 21 weeks depending on the severity of the infection as well as other factors such as the age and nature of the skin of the individual. The appearances of the SK bumps may become reddened at the beginning of the treatment ,  but such bumps begin to clear out after the first week of treatment.

Many individuals have also reported that their keratosis development become painful at the beginning of isotretinoin treatment, such pains will last for a little while  the underlying causes of the infection are being treated. Isotretinoin can also be used alongside some forms of oral antibiotics to destroy resistant bacteria which often become difficult to destroy during the course of treatment. Te redness, pains and itching noticed at the beginning of Isotretinoin treatments are not enough reasons to stop the treatment, they are however an indication of the effectiveness of the treatment in dealing with underlying causes of the infection.

Isotretinoin is one of the best treatments for seborrheic keratosis, it deals with the genetic conditions that cause the infection and helps restore the beauty of your skin.

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