How To Avoid Seborrheic Keratosis

Seborrheic Keratosis is a skin condition that is characterized by outgrowths that appear on the epidermis part of the skin. They are painless although they may sometimes turn itchy and painful. Apart from that, they are benign and are therefore not cancerous.

The fact that seborrheic keratosis outgrowths are benign does not mean that one should not avoid them. They are unpleasant, irritating and do a lot of injustice to someone looks, especially if they appear on prominent parts of the body like the face. Therefore, one has to try as much as possible to avoid these outgrowths.

So, how can one do this? Seborrheic keratosis mostly occurs in old people who are above forty years old. If you are past this age, then you are among the people who are most vulnerable to this condition and you should therefore try as much as possible to avoid it.

There is no known cause of seborrheic keratosis. This makes it even harder to prevent yourself from this condition since most people count on the causes to know how to prevent themselves from a disease or infection.

The people who are most vulnerable to seborrheic keratosis are the individuals who have had that condition before. Luckily for this group of individuals, there are several methods of preventing the re-appearance of the outgrowths.

One of the methods is the use of hydrogen peroxide. This is in fact a chemical that is used in removing the outgrowths at home by applying on them regularly till they fall off from the skin. Once one gets rid of the seborrheic keratosis outgrowths, it is advisable to always add some hydrogen peroxide to the bath water to prevent their re-appearance.

Please note that in this method, one should use hydrogen peroxide with a concentration of about 30 to 80 percent. Anything above that will irritate the healthy skin and result into scars.

An alternative to hydrogen peroxide in preventing seborrheic keratosis is glycolic acid. This is also a chemical that is used to remove the outgrowths in a similar manner to hydrogen peroxide. To use it to prevent the reappearance of skin tags, one is advised to regularly add some to bath water, just as in the case of hydrogen peroxide. The optimal concentration that is suitable to get rid of seborrheic keratosis and at the same time avoid skin irritation is 30 percent.

Seborrheic keratosis

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